Student License Request

Requirements Student License:

a) Student is asked to download and fill in the license request form. Student License Request Form
b) Student needs to provide proof of enrollment or registration to University. Send proof together with completed License Request Form to:
c) Student should provide feedback after license period on usage of Transoft Solutions software.

Proof of enrollment must include your name, institution name and current date or term and can be one of the following:

•             School ID card
•             Report card
•             Transcript
•             Tuition bill or statement
•             Any document issued by the educational institution

Conditions and restrictions
a) The Student License is only available for students that are officially recognized and registered at an University.
b) Student Licenses can only be used for students’ official curriculum or in a research program. It is prohibited to use an Student License for fulfilling any (commercial) research, consultancy or projects by the student, to directly or indirectly generate revenues. In this case the Student will have to obtain a full commercial license at regular prices. Violations will be treated as copy right infringements.
c) The Student is responsible for enforcing software copyright protection. Installations must be made and protected in such manner that software cannot be duplicated, copied or reproduced or that licenses can be taken off-site.
d) Transoft Solutions does not guarantee compatibility with future versions of AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, BricsCAD®, ZWCAD® or Windows® e. Transoft Solutions reserves the right to change, revise or remove any of the conditions noted above without prior notification

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